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Picture Testing...New Lampwork Beads

Website Updates

New Lampwork Beads..."Cleaned My Desk" Beads

Spring has arrived!!!!

Playing with frit and reduction glass

Just Checked the Kiln

Glass Crayons

New eBay Lampwork Auctions

New Lampwork...New Kiln!

New Lampwork Beads...thinking of SPRING!!!

Fresh Lampwork Beads...New eBay Auctions!

Afternoon Naps

New Lampwork Bead Sets

Got Blue?

Slider Beads...simple lampwork for everyday wear.

Up Late

Feb Newsletter & Bead Sale

New Lampwork Bead Sets

New Lampwork Beads

Go Colts!

New Lampwork...and Phil, my Hero!

Lampwork Focals...Silver Green Reduction