New Lampwork Beads..."Cleaned My Desk" Beads

I started working on reduction glass yesterday. I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not sure that they are the eBay colors...because they are going to be hard to photograph well. I liked them because they will work well with a metallic and iris seed beads. I will have pictures tomorrow.

The below is a set that I did to clear off my desk. Normally folks call these "End of Day" beads. At the end of the day, what's left on their desk or table is cleared off and then made into beads. I needed to clear my desk before I could start...I made beads with pile of stringers and twisties I had. I was moving from 104 COE glass to 96 COE so everything had to go. Then I really cleaned my desk. The below is the result of my cleaning session. They will go up on eBay later this week.

Today, I'm off to the studio. I'm not sure that it's a reduction glass day or not. My allergies are perstering me. (Reduction is done by turning up the propane and turning down the O2. Even with my ventilation, I get a slight smell of burning propane. It only takes a little to bother me.) So I think I might have to move to bigger and better ideas.

Have a happy, creative day!