New Lampwork Bead Sets

I finally got decent pictures of the below sets. The blues are vivid and actually much nicer in hand. The 96 coe glasses are the cream of the crop...nothing can compare to their color.

The below is a new line that I'm developing. They are sliders, large hole beads that can be put on a chain, seed beaded together, or made into earrings. They are very useful in jewelry designs. I really like working with them. The below set is a southwester style made from 104 coe glasses.
The below is a large set of 96 coe glass. This is one of the nicest raku sets that I've made.
That's it for me...I've got to get back to the torch. I've working on a BRIGHT set of beads. Hopefully, I can get decent pics tomorrow.

Have a great day!