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Tray of Lampwork Beads

First Trial Focal...Lampwork Experiment

Studio....a real blog post.

Guess What I've Been Doing?

Dish Series Beads-Lampwork and Sterling Necklace

Pucker Up Lampwork Necklace

Watercolor Bracelet Series-El'Pile of Lampwork Bead Bracelets

Necklaces in Waiting...Colorful Lampwork Beads and Pendants

Marine Pod Necklace-New Lampwork and Sterling Necklace

Closeup of Bracelet Lampwork Bead

Everyday Wear line 2009-Lampwork Necklace

Missing in Action...lots of lampwork earrings

Lampwork Necklace and Chainmmaille Bracelet (from Fractal series)

Lampwork Beads and Sterling Equates to my Everyday Wear line

The Kiln Fairy Loooooves Me...Lampwork Beads

Lampwork Beads...Color Gizmos Series-Party Time

Last of my Curmudgeons Series-Meet You for Misosas in Key West

Lampwork and Handmade Chain Bracelet. Everyday Wear line...Photo Experiment

Color Gizmos Series-Myself

Lampwork Beadset Curmudgeons Series-Smurfberries I- Diffused Sunlight Photo

Lampwork Beads...Bracelet in Waiting

Triangle of Lampwork Focal Pendants

Lampwork Beads...oh yeah...Meet You for Misosas in Key West Spree Set

More Curmudgeons Series...lampwork bead set