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Wrap up of 2020 and Painting Project for 2021

I debate New Year resolutions every year, to do or not to do.  I used to do a focus word.  Then I merged into an attitude for the year. 2016 was the year of being tired. 2017 went by in a blur for me. 2018 was the year that I owned it. 2019 was living my own truth, realize my own worth, and doing self-care survival. 2020 was supposed to be my Zen as Fuck year. I. AM. ENOUGH.  Bring it 2020…then poof, the pandemic…then Sir Willie Bitesalot died on March 29 th . Then the shutdown and the beach closing, there went us bike riding. Then it has been dealing with a sick older cat, Mouse, and her thyroid issues. Then our dog, Briggs, yesterday was diagnosed with renal failure. To make a long short short, we are taking him back in tomorrow at 10am to another Vet because of the holidays. My Vet made arrangements for Briggs to be seen and to be given IV fluids. I'll let it go there and see what happens. Then add the hurricane season, which was more prep and put back together. I’m grat

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