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Alcohol Inks and Shrink Plastic/Shrinkets...My Love-Hate Relationship with Jewelry

Since I’ve retired and got my “home by the sea,” I’ve put up most of my jewelry. It’s too much metal and glass for summer here. It’s just too hot. Currently, we are under a heat advisory because of the heat dome happening. Normally it’s very causal here, mostly I have a touristish old grey haired lady vibe happening. Hat included and I’m good with that.I have my favorites. I wear a couple aluminum cuff bracelets, simple stretch seed bead bracelets, and seed bead earrings. The metals now are aluminum and stainless, no cleaning here. I used to be a silversmith and lampworker bead maker before my ortho retired me. I still have piles of jewelry that I just don’t wear. It’s too heavy, too fu-fu, and I don’t want to clean it. After years of doing art shows, I still have nightmares of cleaning sterling.Now that I've explained my Love-Hate relationship with my jewelry, what’s next up?Back to shrinky dinks/shrinkets. I watched Kim VanAntwerp’s video on Jumprope.Kim also has a great website…

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