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Tropical Storm Beta

We got sunshine, even some sky peeking between the clouds. The wind is more of a breeze here. Most of Beta is leaving our neighborhood and now visiting Houston. A lot of people have flooding and some wind damage. Our backyard is a puddle but that’s it. We were lucky and the worse for us is over. Just some rain bands left. I’m gonna check the weather before I put back my patio. It’s still a party in the Atlantic.We are still getting rain bands and most likely that will continue for a couple of days. It's just part of living on the Gulf Coast. 

We were very lucky, yes I'm repeating that. Many people, less than 10 minutes away, flooded. Galveston Island, Surfside, and just about everyone around Galveston Bay had to deal with surge flooding. Houston is now flooding in areas.Laters...I've not got to get business putting things back in order.

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