New Lampwork Bead Sets

Spring is beginning in Austin...yeppers, I've got robins, bluejays, and pack of squirrels hanging out in my backyards. There's a robin's nest close to my office window. The below bead set is called, "Robin's Nest". It's currently up on eBay.

This one is called, "Stucco" and has a southwestern favor to it. It actually could be used in several different jewelry designs. I liked it enough that I almost kept it for my designing pleasures. It's also currently up on eBay.
I've decided to stay with eBay and just make beads for a while. I'm working on a lot of new designs, playing with new glass, and developing my skill base. It works for me currently. I am beginning to get the fever to make some jewelry though. Even if it's just for myself.
Have a happy, creative day!