New Lampwork Beads...thinking of SPRING!!!

I've been out and about today. I needed a haircut and do a bit of shopping. You know, the typical things that we all have to do. Even got all my packages mailed...thank you!!!! Even stopped off at the cell phone place...I splurged and bought my self a Bluetooth so that I can talk on the phone hands free. I don't think I can talk on the phone and be on the torch...the noise of the ventilation and oxycon...but I can talk and make errands...or pickup the house. I'm all about multi-tasking!!!!!!!

I got in a 'spring' mode at the torch. :-) I've had some requests for smaller sets. (Most of my sets are large and I'm beginning to like doing small bracelet sets.)

The below is a small set that I finished yesterday evening. It's 104 COE, all Lauscha. The pale blueish green looks like green moonstone in person. It's a very lovely glass color. The purples are very similar to some amethyst that I have. This small set would make two fringe style bracelets and a couple pair of earrings.

Ok...back to bead cleaning for me!

Have a great weekend!