New Lampwork Beads

I'm in the stage of working on several new projects at the same time. I'm finishing up a custom, that takes a while because it's one of my waterfall necklaces. I'm tearing though my stash of beads looking for some of the fringe beads. I know I have them, I just can't find them. Ya know, I've found that I may not be as organized as I though I was. It looks like a small explosion has gone off in my bead room. I should be finished with that project soon and I will put that room back together again. No pictures...this time, it's actually kinda embarrassing. It's so bad, I might have to stop and clean up a bit. I'm out of space to work now.

Then I'm also working on a small series...lots of new shapes and some interesting new color schemes. The below is sample of the colors that I'm working with. All the beads have been created from furnace glass.

Here's another lampwork beads set...the base is a Gaffer salmon. It's a lot like the old peach blow glass. It's really a pretty color but if you work it too hot, it turns white. It's hard to tell what the color is because I've also used frits on top of the glass.
I've also decided to make buttons. I have one more tool to find and I will start that project. Except, I think it will be on going.

That's it for me...I've got to get rolling today. Lots to do!!!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!