New Lampwork...New Kiln!

I've been working the the studio, not coming out except for food and sleep. I've got lots of new glass that I'm playing with to see what it does. The below is a sample of what I've been doing. Click on the photo to enlarge them. I was actually very pleased on how they turned out. The set is very diverse...they can be dressed up or down...they would also look great with natural gemstones or pearls.

My Chili Pepper rolled over and died. So I ran out yesterday to BlueMoon Glass and picked up a BlueBird. I did a test run of spacers last night...after I spent a couple hours figuring out how to program this puppy. Something must of clicked into my brain and poof, all the information finally fit together.

I'll be glad when the new kiln smell is gone. It takes a couple of firings and that doesn't take me long to get that taken care of...but it smells until then. I'm glad that it's in the 60's today, I can open all the windows and doors. This time of year is one of the nicest weather in Austin.

If anyone has a better idea to store frit...please let me know. I use a lot of it and need the availability to grab it when I'm working. There has just got to be a better way. studio is calling me.....I've got lots to do. I'm in the process of working on smaller bead sets for the website. It's bracelet time for many designers (I fully understand) and I've had a lot of requests. So hopefully next week, I will be doing an update to the website.

Have a happy, creative day!