Fresh Lampwork Beads...New eBay Auctions!

I think I'm getting better with my photos...I'm still not where I need to be but I'm getting closer.

The below beads are from a small series called "Kachina". It's only a three part series. I liked the style and the design but not well enough to keep making a large amount of them. Currently they are listed on eBay. I have six sets that just went up this evening.
The below is another part of "Kachina." The focal on this one is very kewl in person. The "Kachina" sets will make some jewelry designer very happy; they are very diverse and can be used in a number of different designs.
The below is called "Inner Child"
I've had a couple people ask me why Ebay. Well, I like doing it. It give me time to work on my arsenal of beadmaking skills. There are a huge amount of beads that I really enjoy making but really aren't in my jewelry design style. So this give me the pleasure of making the beads while somebody else can make the jewelry.

Back to cleaning beads! Have a wonderful evening!