Why I started blogging again

A couple things happened in 2019 that make me miss my blog.  First, several people on Facebook wanted to buy some prints.  I had to explain that I was retired and no longer am selling.  Right after wards, my website bill came in.  I deleted my website.  Damn, I really am retired now. I've been saying 'I'm retired' for almost two years but I really wasn't. Deleting my website was when reality set it. 

Second, I was sitting back and drinking my coffee thinking about 2019.  It was that time period when folks start thinking about New Year resolutions.  I used to go look at my blog to jog my memory of what happened during that year.  Bam...it occurred to me that I don't blog anymore.  I only blogged once in 2018.

It was a do or delete moment.  Do I give up blogging and delete…or…do I go back to blogging?  I’ve had a blog since 2006, I used to love it, but I mostly blogged about things I made.  So essentially it was for my business.  I’m not in business and I’m officially retired.

Then I got thinking about all the changes that happened in my life in the past three years.  Yeah some of it is on Instagram and Facebook but it’s bits in between political posts and news articles.  Most of it isn’t and it’s mostly lost now.  Sure, much depends on what you use a blog for.  On a personal level, for me, Facebook and Instagram aren’t enough.

Well there you have it.  The blog might be boring, it might not be...who knows.  My bottom line is that I don't care, it's my blog and if you don't like it, don't read it.  Huh, I just re-read that...I could of been nicer about that...but I wrote with a smile on my face.