Lampwork Beads...Bracelet in Waiting

Bracelet in Waiting, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I know, you are kinda tired of seen brights...but it's my new thing. That might change with the weather though. The above set is sitting on my bench just waiting. The are kinda quite...they know that something is coming up for them...I can hear them whispering to each other. :-)

They will be a new bracelet...yep, it's that time making season.

I've got a nice pile of beads here on my desk...they are waiting for me to load them up on Etsy. Which I'm planning to do soon. Lots of brights...lots of spree...lots of new color combos.

Ok...lots to do...the bug man is due. It's just one of the quarterly visits. Ever since living in Texas, I prefer a buggie free home. At least we don't have fire ants or snake issues here.

Have a happy, creative day!