Closeup of Bracelet Lampwork Bead

Closeup of Bracelet bead, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Here's a closeup of a bracelet bead. It's an encased raku on black. The colors really pop up. The feel is almost a patina yet smoother. I like it. I think it will also go well with natural stones.

Now for the good studio at Art Sanctuary
is in the process of getting ready for me. The old church's daycare has finally moved to their new location. Currently it has carpet floors and a very fugly mint green walls. Neither will do. So Ron is installing a mud sink, laying down new tile, and painting the walls. ( and carpet, yeah, right.)

So hopefully, I will be able to move in starting the 2nd week of May!!! It feels wonderful to have a real studio again. Working of the house has advantages...yeah, I'm close to the computer and yeah, I can multi-task....BUT I have no life. There is also something to be said about being with other artists, no matter what the mediums are. There is also something to be said about working without distractings, like the computer and other fun things to do. So you will see the quality of my work improve greatly. I will also have the physical space to work more with metalsmithing.

I've also been waiting, since we moved to Austin to now, to get out all the equipment that I my drill press, my rolling mill, and even my grinders. It takes space and a division of a studio. Right now I'm in the garage and dinning room. In the studio, it will be together, yet now. I have actually two studio spaces that I can close or open the dividing wall. So I can close off my dirty areas. It's also nice to have WINDOWS!!!!!

The bad thing is I won't be around much on the computer...I will do more of weekly updates. The really good news is that I should be creating better and more unique pieces.

OK...back to the grind...I've also got some errands to get done.

Have a wonderful weekend...oh btw way, if you want to see the bracelet this bead is attached to, click on the photo.