Watercolor Bracelet Series-El'Pile of Lampwork Bead Bracelets

I'm working on a mini series...with lots of Gaffer veiled glass. Still in my anti fu-fu mode but in brighter color scheme.

Gaffer is a kewl glass, 96 COE, but it has to be worked very cool and the color will burn out to almost a clear if it's worked too long or too hot.

How I got the watery look to the beads is when I was putting the glass on the mandrels, I was also making a 'dabbing' motion with the glass rod. So instead of stripes or a streaky look, they look more fluid and flowing.

I only did a half dozen of the bracelets. What I was thinkin' was that I have some print (very color) tops and jackets....so what type of lampwork can I wear with those. Plus I have been working on another project (watercolors)...so that's how the idea was born.

OK...it's time to start my torcher day. I just got back from the airport...Bob is flying to Austin this week. While I spend my time making some focals.

Have a happy, creative day!