Tray of Lampwork Beads

Tray of Lampwork Beads, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I just finished up silver coring these beads...they are sitting on my design desk patiently waiting to be turned into necklaces.

A silver clay artist, Marti, and I are doing come colaberation work. She is doing the pendants and fine silver beads. The fine silver pendants will be from Indiana foliage designs. I'm doing the bails, lampwork, metalsmithing, and design work. Sounds much more complex than it is. The pieces will have a sleek look with color (via the lampwork).

It's rather icky weather wise here. Lots of grey and misty rain. Yuk. So I'm going to do a rather unpleasant task myself today....I'm am picking and cleaning my design area. I've got a 12X12 ft mess. I'm not doing a redo of the area...just getting it picked up so that I can start packing it to move it (again).

Have a happy, creative day!