Lampwork Beadset Curmudgeons Series-Smurfberries I- Diffused Sunlight Photo

My Curmudgeons series started out as an ‘end of day’ sort of experiment. Then I pulled them from the kiln and just fell in love at first sight. The series has the trademark of being highly colorful and detailed yet not being overwhelming in jewelry designs. They are smooth to the touch so that they make into comfortable jewelry.

A curmudgeon has all sorts of negative associations but my Curmudgeons aren’t ill tempered. They are only stubborn when it comes to being colorful and unique.

This is a larger strand than normal but I just didn’t have the heart to break up a family.

Several of the colors have been ‘made’ via handmixing, color layering, and twisties.

I've also been playing with you can tell by the photo. I'm finding that I really like Flickr.

Have a happy, creative weekend!
I'm off to my metalsmithing bench...yeah, it's been a while.