Lampwork Necklace and Chainmmaille Bracelet (from Fractal series)

I was rather happy how both of these turned out...I will be working on both designs in different color combos in the future.

As ya'll have noticed, I've been working on jewelry that showcases the lampwork. This style of necklace isn't anything new to the masses but it works with highly detailed or colorful beads. (what happens is that the beauty of the beads/color just runs together with all the other fu-fu to make mud)

The base glass is a coke bottle it. It melts smooth as butter. The beads are from my Fractal series.

The metal is sterling...just enough color for any color junkie but not overwhelming either. It's an easy to wear necklace.

It's unusual for me to make necklaces without a focus point like a do ya think?

Ok...back to work for my bad self!
Have a happy, creative weekend!!!!