All in this together...Covid Rant


We are all in this together and we share the same air. Covid is an airborne pathogen that is looking for a host. That's what a virus does. This isn't rocket science. 

I just watched the Biden presser today. Vaccine, booster, mask (not what type of mask), plus a new Pfizer treatment for high risk by the end of this month...was the main theme.  If we do this, things will be fine. Plus the administration and Congress gave money to the states for them to prepare and to mitigate Covid. This was the summary of the presser.

 “We’re seeing Covid-19 cases among vaccinated workplaces across America—including here at the White House—but if you’re vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected,” 

That is nice but that doesn’t solve the issues with people not getting vaccinated or masking up. I’ve done what I was supposed to do but I’m still at the mercy of the nonvaxxed and nonmaskers. It most likely will keep me out of the hospital but I’m still sick and longcovid is still a possibility. I understand that the vaccine is doing it's job, I get that. I also get that my likelihood would be less if less people contract Covid. That's the math. More exposure to the virus, the higher the loading dose of the virus, the sicker I can become. That's the math. 

Don’t get me started the lack of messaging regarding that Covid may be an airborne pathogen but it's a vascular disease that can attack other organs and brain.

I am fucking pissed off at Biden for leaving Covid management up to the states. That’s what trump did. There’s no central messaging or a place to go to get questions answered about Covid locally. The CDC is a political hack and lost it’s creds. Me, yeah, I have lots of options and know how to use both my phone and computer, but many people don’t have a clue of what to do. Most of the family docs here don’t touch Covid, that’s an ER visit. 

Covid is also going to be a huge election issue in Texas. Texas now leads the US in child Covid hospitalizations, we have a positivity rate of 33%, and no mandates of any kind. The impression I have from both the GOP and our Governor is that if Biden fails to control Covid, they can win the Oval Office and Abbott will take a win over Beto. It's possible, I don't know but the cost will be painful. 

<rant over>

I'll still take Biden over trump or any Republican. On the flipside, I think we can do better and much quicker. SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on Jan 7th, regarding the legality of two federal Covid vaccine mandates issued under the Biden administration.

The vaccine mandate EO came out Sept 9th, 2021 and Nov 4th, 2021. Instead waiting for people to do the right thing, Jan 2021 would of been much better. The Administration needs to read the room instead of being disconnected with polarization. Reality doesn't exist as a Democrat or Republican concept, it stands alone as reality.