Are we doing resolutions this year or skipping? I'm winging it until Covid is under control.


My 2020 words were Exhaustion, Chaos, Death, Asshat, Social Distancing, Misinformation, Racism, and I Can’t Breathe.

My 2021 words were Towanda, Sanity, Vaccine, Hugs, Messy Soul, Feed my Focus, and Never Again trump.

Words really didn’t help much the last two years, I’m going to assume it was because of the Pandemic. 2022 I’m moving to a mantra…”I’m an old lady that was raised by wolves and homeschooled by feral cats while living in Mordor. Today is my day.”

Damn, Galveston County Texas has cooties. We only have a 2.7% breakthrough. This is like being part of the Jerry Springer show audience. Most likely this isn’t a good time for an island vacation.

Jan 1st 2022, we have 720 new cases of Covid...Dec 1st 2021, we had 22 new cases of Covid.

No matter how it's sliced and diced, that's a lot of sick people. It's the highest number of new cases yet.  I'm triple vaxxed and upgraded my masks to N95s. If people what to do the same, fine. If they don't, fine. I figure each person is an adult. Am I engaging with these anti-vaxxers on social media, not really. Mostly because I think it's a waste of time. Have I looked at social media of friends and family, yeah. Am I engaging, no. I also don’t trust many of them either. The underlying issue is they aren’t reading the room and/or they are selfish asshats. I’m been done for a while, some of these actions just reinforces that decision.

There’s people talking about false positives, masks not working, that the numbers are off, that the breakthrough numbers are wrong, and the best, we need to stop talking about Covid. I'm glad that the Galveston County Health Department puts out the numbers, that reminds me when the Covid numbers are up, the nicer and more patient I am with businesses. Most likely they have people out sick. We are not learning to live with Covid so mostly I’m at home. Not only do I not want to contract Covid, I have a huge insurance deductible and I do not have the time to be sick.

I was curious about breakthrough cases, so I Googled “Vaccine breakthrough cases (VBT)”. Found that NY state is running about 3.4% of fully vaccinated are contacting Covid (that are 12 and older) as of Dec 28th. Virginia is running about 1.5% as of Dec 25th. South Carolina is running about 1% as of Dec 14th.   So Omicron really hasn’t hit parts of the US. Galveston county is running about 2.7%. So the worse is coming. 

I really had to think about the following. Am I just the radical left or scared whatever? No...not really. I'm more of the logical, I'll do the math type person. So lets see if my prediction holds. School starts next week and our healthcare system is still holding it's own today. So people aren't going to listen to the warning bells that other locations such as Houston is putting out. They did the holidays, didn't bother to upgrade their masks to either KN95s or N95s. 

I give this two weeks until the local general public starts feeling uneasy. By the third or fourth week, I'm betting either our educational system or our healthcare system will crash but it will pick itself back up quickly. It's an election year. The latest modeling from health experts show that Texas will see its omicron spike sometime in mid- to late-January Locally, we typically are in a better spot than Houston but I'm betting that the number of sick people are going to make business run either very slow or cut hours. 

Galveston County and the state of Texas is running about 60% for double vaccinations for over the age of 5.'s only running about 12% for the boosted. So we stayed home for New Year Eve. 

That's OK...well until the fireworks started at 5:30pm. Some of my neighbors are asshats. On our HOA's closed group, a person has the guts to complain about the fireworks. Whoa, she got treated like slime. It made me realize that most my neighbors are rude assholes. 

                   May 2022 be the year they deserve.

Ok now....this is turning into a bitch session. On second thought, this is just reality. That's OK too. I figure that 2022 is the year that anything goes.