Moments of Clarity and Selective Procrastination


Everyone has those moments in life that will stick with them forever. Some of those are life milestones but for me, it’s the odd times that the light bulb goes off or when the pieces of the puzzle come together. 

That moment of clarity and many times it is an ‘aww fuck’ moment. Like today...Rock, Paper, Scissors games of politics and social engagements. 

Is this moment of clarity going to ruin my day, nope. Somethings are bigger than me. I'm taking the 'aww fuck' moment and racking it up to experience. Also how I read the other words, look at who benefits from the inaction of any situation and why. 

Today is going to be an unbothered, staying in my lane sort of day. I got a new iPad Pro and am still trying to get used to the new pencil. 

What I am not doing is cleaning up my email box today. 

I have literately thousands of emails that I need to clean up. I'm going to selectively procrastinate.