I’m tired, I need me some normal...


I want my life back...it was a good life before Covid. Being retired really has it's perks but since Covid is a virus and doing what a virus does, I've had to depend on people doing the right thing. Well, that's not gonna happen. More so since I live in Texas. 

I can go on a rant here about the various reasons but why. Does know the reasons make me any less pissed, nope. Am I ever going to forgive family, ex-friends, and locals for not masking up and getting vaccinated? No, I'm not and I'm honest with myself to realize that. It's partly a trust issue and partly an asshat issue. People have choices and choices have consequences. 

Is it all doom and gloom here, nope. It's just part of my day, small part of what is in the back of my mind but it's something I want to remember and not give it a pass. 

I feel like I've been punished for doing the right thing and for being a responsible person. Am I panicked or doom scrolling, no. Am I frustrated, yes. This is my hubby's birthday, he decided it wasn't worth going out to celebrate. I can't say much, I felt the same way in September. It was during a Covid spike locally. 

We have also changed over the last 18 or so months. Neither one of us wants to deal with the noise of a lot of people. Same with sitting in an overpacked restaurant with a bunch of kids that parents don't watch. A lot of it is we weren't found of it before, now it's a hard pass. 

Now that the omicron variant is out during the holiday season, the odds are is that it's going to be more of the same repeating cycle. I just read that the omicron variant has picked up genetic material from the common cold. This suggests it will have a greater transmissibility but lower virulence than the other variants. In some ways, that sounds great but I'm not so sure. It can also be more resistant to vaccines sooner or later.  Viruses want to live, that is their entire focus. It can also mutate again and again unless people get the vaccine. Same ol'tired cliché but it depends on people. 

To me it's looking like another perfect storm to overwhelm hospitals and create even more staff shortage. Too many healthcare workers here will not and don't have to be vaccinated. That's another trust issue for me. Geez, healthcare workers that don't believe in science. Then there's those that are using religious reasons, which doesn't make sense in why they would be in healthcare in the first place. 

Maybe my mood is the result of pandemic burnout...or maybe I'm just tired of asshats in general...or maybe I just want to plan a vacation and not worry I have to cancel again which is a huge pain in the ass. 

The bright side is that I'm taking the time out to read more. There's a lot of bright sides but I'm focused on reading because that's next on my agenda.