Happy Catmas

I just don’t feel Christmassy this year. Normally I do a new card each year but not this year. Here's last year's. 

This year, I’m sooooo not in the Christmas Spirit. It’s not only the commercialism but it’s also the weather. It was 80 degrees yesterday and we still have the AC on. It’s also that we haven’t seen our families for a while because of Covid. Again, we cancelled travel plans. 

It's not all gloom and doom, not in the least. Christmas has never been that big of a deal to me, even when I was a kid. Then after I got out of college, I worked in a hospital. The majority of that time, I was working in the largest ER and Trauma Center in the state. The holidays showed just how hard the season could be on people. 

Our house will do something special for Yule, we always do. This time of year is renewing. It's the time of year that I go though my tea stash and spend a lot of time with my Kindle, hangout with the cats, and take things at a slower pace.