Over coffee, I read the news and then sat to watch the sunrise. Sounds poetic, maybe a little since it’s mid-November and I was wearing jammies. 

I was also thinking about how early it gets dark know. I’ve kept my summer schedule year round since we moved here. It’s so hot here in the afternoon, that I get up early. This year, I’m changing sleep times and routine. The lack of sunshine gets to me. I sleep more, which isn’t a bad thing, but I always feel unsettled until spring.


Still, it’s much better in Texas than late fall or winter in the Midwest. It’s time for a bit of adjusting.


Covid is beginning its 6th wave in Indiana per several of my old friends still living there. It’s only a matter of time. Typically, Texas is about 3-4 weeks behind them. I'm tired of the cycle. We put off another trip up north because of this cycle. The people that we would be visiting aren't in the best of health and they are in their 80's. Hopefully Covid will be under control by spring.