Tropical Storm Nicholas…a selective participation day...


We are kinda under a hurricane watch, so we will get a bit of wind tomorrow with rain lasting for 48 hours. It's been raining for the past 12 hours off and on. It will flood around us, but most likely not in our subdivision. The High Risk for flash flooding has been just expanded from the coast all way into parts of Houston and Sugarland.


“Significant and extensive street flooding” is likely starting this evening and continuing through the night with rainfall rates of 3-4” per hour. The forecast in our area calls for 15-20 inches of rain within 48 hours. What all that means is that we are being told just to stay home and off the roads starting this evening through tomorrow morning. It most likely will not stall and should be gone by noon tomorrow. A lot of places are closing today at 1pm and will reopen on Wednesday.

Living on the coast is wonderful if you are prepared for it. We are, we are hurricane prepped and every year we do something to make it easier if we do get hit. Not everyone is here...either they can't or won't. 

So I declared today a selective participation day. 

Tomorrow will be a lazy mermaid day. My Kindle is full and I’m tired from getting the house cleaned for the storm. Oh, the reason why I clean before a storm is because we are stuck in the house for several days.

A lot of folks are also twitchy because Hurricane Ike hit on September 13, 2008. Any rain event and people get twitchy because of what happened with Harvey. 

The reality is that most people in this area know to be prepared for a Cat 3 during hurricane season. The weather here can change at a flip of a dime anymore. It's almost impossible to evacuate with the amount of lead time that is given. A mandatory evacuation has been issued for Quintana in Brazoria County in response to Tropical Storm Nicholas, which is only about an hour's drive from us. It's looking like they are ground zero's surge side, most likely about 5am on Tuesday.  It was issued at 3pm today but the residents have until nightfall to get out. The reality is most of them can't move that fast because many won't even get home until after 5pm. This is the new normal because of climate change. 

Tonight, it's a quiet dinner and Bob will be playing D&D online. I'll be nesting with the cats in my reading chair. Prince Eddie Asshat was rescued as a kitten during tropical storm on Galveston. He always gets twitchy during rain storms so we'll just hangout tonight. Queen Mouse Bellyfeathers will sleep through it and Princess Daisy Mae will be a pain in the ass, as always.