The story of being a cat mom…Using a light ring on my iPhone

You buy them fun, cute toys…they play with them for a little while, mostly to make their human happy. Then they go digging in the trash to find something else they like better. Glad I had my iPhone on me for the photo.

I posted this on my FB page this morning. I try not to crosspost that often but I didn't want to forget about this photo. The main reason why I reposted it is because I used a light ring on my iPhone to take the photo.

There are all different types and sizes for light rings. I also have one for my Nikon but this one is so simple to use. This one is a Meifigo Selfie Light Ring that I picked up on Amazon for $16.99. I picked this one because it has "4-levels brightness and 3-light modes of warm light, white light and natural light."   It’s easy to use, great light, quick charge, and it’s very portable. I’m impressed with it and wish I would of gotten one sooner.

I figure since our Covid numbers are off the rails, it's time that I beefed up my photography skills. The hot weather here won't last that much longer. About a month and it starts to cool down so I can play more outside. Last year, I wanted to work on a found object photo series. Hopefully, I will this year be able to do it.

I am so tired of living with the consequences of the actions from the anti-vaxxers and no maskers. It's not going to change so it's time Bob and I adapted to it. I think we can do that. We won't be going up North for a visit this year either. Our parent are elderly and we would be traveling, either Bob or I could be exposed and pass it to them.