Texas is having another Covid wave…


During the entire pandemic, our highest number of new Covid cases reported in a day was 322, which the Galveston County Health District reported twice - once in January of this year and July, 2020.

Yesterday, they are reported 415 new Covid cases in my county. Galveston has hit Covid Crockpot status. This isn't a good time to come visit...we have cooties.... 

I’m having 2020 déjà vu but this time, it’s worse. I’m tired of living with the consequences of the actions from anti-vaxxers and no maskers. So I’m the social distancing queen again. My immunities aren’t what they used to be because of my health issues and age, so when people don’t wear masks, I’m at a higher risk of contracting Delta. My parents are also elderly, so for us to travel to see them, we put them at a risk of contracting Delta or the next variant that pops up.  

It's also that time of the year when I get tired of the summer heat. It will get better but for the time being I'm a bit bitchy for the next four weeks. Still, it's better than snow.