Office Day...doodles, Hurricane Ida, Covid, Prince Eddie...what a mix

Today has been an office day, I’m cleaning up files and uploading some to the cloud.  It’s a hurry up and wait sort of day so I’ve been killing time on Facebook, which is rather depressing in some ways.  So I started doodling in Procreate.

On the depressing side, Ida is now predicted to be a category 4 hurricane with 140 mph winds just prior to landfall in Louisiana. Category 5 begins at 157 mph and that’s very possible. The Gulf is warm right now. We, in Texas, dodged another one. I’m glad that we are having the whole house generator put in next Tuesday. It’s only a matter of time. Living on the coast taught Bob and I that. 

Then there’s Covid…today was the highest number of cases reported to Galveston County at 452 (422 are current, 30 are older cases that are newly reported to the health district.) We still got major cooties...we are averaging about 1900 new cases a week. We've also had 195 additional breakthrough cases since 8/20. Which doesn't sound like a lot but a lot of vax’d don’t get tested due to mild or no symptoms. Previously reported record was 415 on Aug 6th ,2021.  Previous record was 322 in Jan 2021 and July, 2020.

"U.S. Army veteran Daniel Wilkinson, of Texas, died of a treatable illness because the Covid crisis left him without an available ICU bed even though he lives 3 houses down from an emergency room and 60 miles away" from some of the greatest and largest healthcare facilities in the world. Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest in the world…it has 54 medical institutions, 108,000 employees and 10,000 hospital beds. There are currently 158 people waiting for an ICU bed as of today.

Every time I start swearing up a blue streak, Prince Eddie Asshat stretches and gives me his ‘what’s up’ look. You’d think he’d be used to my swearing by now.