Neocolor II Aquarella Art Crayons...Faces


Last weekend, Bob cleaned up the garage and found a box from the move that contained some art supplies. One of things I found in there was my Neocolor II Art Crayons. I wondered what happened to them. I’m surprised that they weren’t a melted mess. A lot of the markers and other stuff either dried up or become brittle. Not the Neocolor II crayons! There were just like when I packed them two years ago. 

Quick background…we moved a little over two years ago. The year before that was total, absolute chaos. 2017 was tearing down studios, packing and sorting what to keep or give away, plus getting the house ready for sale. We needed it to sell quickly because it was going to be a cross country move plus I didn’t want to be stuck paying two mortgages. I had three surgeries prior to that, one of them resulted in the loss of a lot of my hand strength. So we started early. I packed a lot of my studio and art supplies up early. I bought these Neocolor II crayons, used them some but life became too focused on the house…then finding a house. We put the house up on the market and sold it within three hours. So it was worth it. Finding a house is a total different story.

Back to Neocolor II…

There’s two different Neocolor lines, Neocolor I and Neocolor II by Caran d’Ache.  Neocolor I are wax pastels that are soluble in mineral spirits. Neocolor II are watersoluble with high pigment concentration and that are lightfast. They are softer than kids’ crayons or colored pencils. A lot of mixed media artists use them because they are so versatile. Here’s a great review from Tammy from Daisy Yellow.  I’ve tried some of the cheaper art crayons, not one compares. Neocolor II can be used to dye fabric and other fiber projects. Kristin Shields has a great blog post on how to use the crayons on fabric.  

Faces have never been my thing so I thought I'd try a couple quick sketches. These crayons are perfect for that, the cover a large area and don't need dry time. I'm in love.  The below photo is with Warrior Princess Daisy Mae trying to help...well, kinda. Mostly she was using them as projectile crayon missiles. 

Have a great day...I'm going to do a few more sketches...