2020 New Years Eve


My 2020 words were Exhaustion, Chaos, Death, Asshat, Social Distancing, Misinformation, Racism, and I Can’t Breathe.

2020 was the never-ending nightmare. I spend a considerable amount of time muttering ‘what the fuck.” I cured my frustration by putting in a lot of phone banking and text banking hours.

My 2021 words are Towanda, Sanity, Vaccine, Hugs, Messy Soul, Feed my Focus, and Never Again trump.

After 2020 and trump, my willingness to put up with weirdness and asshattiness is over. It’s more than an unwillingness to make nice, I flipped a match on that bridge long time ago. I’m done…

My 2021 wish…We push and keep pushing until every cage is emptied, until racial equality grows deep roots, and until the waters are clean again.

I will celebrate New Years on Jan 20th…until then, Towanda!