I’m tired…some people call it fatigue...

Well, it’s been a while. I’m tired…


Hurricane Fatigue

On October 9th, Hurricane Delta hit Louisiana and it took just about the same path as Hurricane Laura in late August, which killed at least 26 people. What made this Cat 2 a rough one was because they just got hit six weeks ago. We were lucky it didn’t hit here because it could have. This summer, we have been impacted by four storms.  

Even though we aren’t ground zero, there’s still surge and high water…plus the wind. I pack up the patio, then I unpack the patio, rinse and repeat. The wind freaks out one of the cats and dog. I still have to make sure the laundry is caught up just in case it takes power out. All electronics have to be charge, make sure we have water and food, and all the other little things that need to be done.

The above is what our neck of the woods looked liked before Delta. Not bad but it tore up several of the beaches and piers. 

Trump Fatigue

There’s a fine line between being informed and overdosing on Trump news. It’s endless and exhausting. I’m tired of his antics. There’s a reason why previous presidents had presidential decorum, it wears out the public then slides into squawking. It has turned into noise, even when he tries for the shock value. 

It’s only a matter of time, the endless loop of weirdness isn’t sustainable. Ack, I’m much more mindful of my agenda, not trump’s.

Texas early voting started this week, yesterday. The lines were long and broke records.  Texas is 38 Electoral College votes....

No matter what the results are from the election, there will be issues but the election will be over. I make no bones about disliking trump and his disrespect for the office, I just want this over, it's been a long four years.

 Covid Fatigue

 A giant shit show. I feel like 2020 so far has spanned five years. I'm gonna let this topic ride for another blog post. 

Have a great week!!!  I'm back to playing around with my digital art again...my muse is off vacation.