Phone 11 and I'm complaining about the weather.

Playing around with the camera...

It was time to replace my iphone, the battery was shot and was tired of carrying around a lipstick battery to recharge it all the time. I was getting a lot of dead pixels. So it was looking like my LCD screen was getting ready to go belly up. I got it when it first came out, like late 2017. So that’s not too bad, I’m rough on cell phones. 

I decided not to wait for the iPhone 12 to come out.  I looked at the iPhone Pro and Max, one was too big and the other too large. I also wasn’t that impressed with the 52mm telephoto 3rd lens.  So the iphone 11 it was, I feel like Goldilocks. The camera improvements are outstanding. There’s two lens, a 12MP wide at 26mm and a 12MP ultra wide at 13mm.  The night mode is a feature that I will use, more so since I dislike flash.  Plus it’s weather sealed and has image stabilization. 

Yeah I'm also complaining about the weather, along with a long list of other things. Nothing huge but it’s that time of year that it’s too hot to go outside to play and I’ve been trapped inside for too long. It’s makes me grumpy and edgy...twitchy might be a better word.  It'll will be better in a couple of weeks, it will start cooling down. 

We also have a couple storms that's getting ready to come into the Gulf that could turn into tropical depressions. Along with my complaining season, it's also hurricane season..and an election year. 

Stay cool...