Test & Instagram

This is a test of an old blogging app, BlogTouch for Blogger, that was recently updated. Blogger changed its interface so that it now cleaner... but I disliked it so I haven’t been blogging as much.  The trade off is my fav blogging app is supposed to be better. I’ve been on Blogger since 2006 and I haven’t wanted to change platforms. 

Eddie hanging out with me in the office, being Eddie.

Maybe if this app works for me, I’ll blog more.

One of the reasons why blogging is becoming more important to me is because my Instagram account has been cloned. This is the 2nd time in less than a year.  I requested my data, which is all my photos then I deleted my account.  I’m just tired of fighting with IG over this. Ever since Facebook bought IG in 2012, it’s changed. That’s the reason why I didn’t bother with WhatsApp.

I’m still on Twitter and will stay there because of the news. I follow a lot of journalists, politicians, political pundits, and activists. 

Anyway...let’s see if this works.