Pandemic Reading...not getting bored during Covid. Lifestyle Changes


There are 111 books on my “Want to Read” list. Which doesn’t sound too bad on first glance but I just cleaned up the list. That’s the reason for this blog post.


Once of the best things that technology has given me is a portable library at my fingertips.  The apps I use are Kindle (of course), Libby, Overdrive, and Scribd. 

Kindle is a free app that you can read on just about any device as long as the app can be downloaded.  Everybody knows about Kindle. We have Amazon Prime so I can also download free books. I know that there’s a lot of people that don’t like Amazon but during the quarantine and hot fried hell season weather, they have been fantastic. 

 I understand that shopping local helps local. Local businesses really didn’t help the people that were told to stay home if they were over a certain age or had medical issues. They didn’t enforce mask mandates nor many of the restrictions.  Some did but many didn’t, it’s tourist season. So we also haven’t been to a restaurant in five months. It was hard because we did eat out a lot.  Now, I don’t miss them very much. I feel better and have lost weight.  So Covid has made another change in our lifestyle.

 We have had Amazon Prime subscription since it first came out in 2005. When Bob was traveling so much, either one of us could have things shipped to his hotel. Now, I use the service daily and not just for ordering online.  Sure we get a lot of things shipped to us, we rarely go shopping anymore. It’s online for us. That’s one thing, between online shopping and food delivery, we won’t give up even when Covid is under control. It’s a time thing, after this is over, I’m not going to want to go shopping…I just don’t miss it now.  It's easier...less time, less frustration when it comes to dealing with road construction and traffic plus much less impulse buying. 

 Also included that I use is Prime Pantry, Prime Music (unpaid version), Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Kindle Unlimited. I’m waiting for Prime Fresh to come to our area.  Kindle Unlimited is a paid subscription which you get three months free when you purchase a Kindle. That’s how they hook you, the service is  I read some books, mostly by newer authors. My hubby uses the service much more than I do.  Mmmm…maybe not…I also read a lot of magazines from the service like Rolling Stone, Southern Living, National Geographic, D-Photo, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Real Simple.

Audible is one paid service that I don’t use. I use Scribd  and the library for audiobooks. The local library is rather limited in the audiobook section. Scribd was a gift and it’s been wonderful. I read a lot of my art/craft books there so I don’t have to buy print copies. I also listen to 90% of the audiobooks I listen to. It’s also cheaper than Audible.

The reading services with Netflix and Sling TV has given us the ability to nix our cable except for internet.

Current books I’m reading, yeah like I need another project…

Joyful Stitching: Transform Fabric with Improvisational Embroidery by Laura Wasilowski

Dark Secrets (Shadow Guild: The Rebel #3) by Linsey Hall