Hot Fired Hell and Shrinky Dink/Shrinkles/Shrinkets

It isn’t Covid that’s keeping me inside, it’s the weather. The last couple of weeks have been hot fried hell here. This is Texas weather a couple months out of the year.  We just moved back about 2 years ago and I haven’t adjusted yet.

 When I get bored with Facebook, I go blog surfing. I ended up on Marica DeCoster’s blog and found shrink plastic. Holy moly, I remember Shrinky Dink. They were also called Shrinkles, now they are called Shrinkets.  It’s the same ol’ polystyrene plastic, some types have been upgraded.  Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by Betty Morris and Kate Bloomberg of Brookfield, Wisconsin, as a Cub Scout project with their sons. The first kits were sold at a local shopping mall and were a hit with the locals. Shrinky Dinks were soon licensed and manufactured by the major toy companies. That’s the history, if you are interested.

From Marica DeCoster’s blog, I found Julie Haymaker’s site “Shrinkets.” She has tutorials and supplies.  I was hooked as soon as I saw the molds. They remind me of lampwork glass molds. I had to give this a try. 

I'll post more once I figure out what I'm doing with Shrinkets.  Currently I'm making designs for earrings. 

Laters...stay cool and safe!!!!