The Long Game of Living with Covid-19, Part III Paring Down, Taking a Pause, and I’m tired.

Am I tired of Covid and everything that surrounds it? Yeah, I am.  Do I still want to blog about it? Yeah, I do because I want to remember what happened during this time. Most likely the pandemic will change me and the world around me.  Some of the changes will be obvious, some won’t.  They will be subtle changes.

I’ve been thinking how to pare down a few things.  This is because some things take much more time now than pre-Covid. The big one, shopping.  Grocery shopping is now done online and is delivered.  I like this service for more than just convenience.  My hubby does the majority of the cooking and I do the clean up plus the veggies. So we have together to plan a menu and we don’t have a lot of impulse buying like brownies or cookies or a pie.  I see this service in my future for a very long time to come. It makes us plan and gives us time to do other things.

I’ve pared down my political news reading. The primary is over here, the runoff is July 14th, and the election is Nov 3rd.  I’ll keep up on what’s happening with voting by mail in Texas but that’s about it. I’m voting a blue party ticket.  I’m not hot on Biden but I’d vote for a taco over trump. I’ve always been interested in both history and politics.  I don’t need to be totally focused on political issues currently but I will stay informed. It’s a balance that I’m going for.  Currently, I’m tired but I’ll be back.

Part of my ‘tired’ isn’t the pandemic. It’s because of Daisy Mae, the kitten we adopted. My vet was completely booked out so we waited a couple of weeks to see her. By the time that we did, Princess Daisy Mae had a terrible case of ringworm. She’s currently on a three different meds.  One by mouth, one on her skin, and special shampoo every other day.  Eddie has a couple of spots as well now.  He’s on the same except his isn’t as bad so we don’t have to do the baths. Thank goodness.

It’s the daily changing of bedding for all the animals. Daisy Mae’s playpen is cleaned out completely daily. It’s our extra changes of clothing when we pick them up.  Plus many times I shower again after I do her bath.  I’m typically soaked.  My washer runs almost nonstop. Plus it’s all the extra cleaning that comes with Covid, then this on top of it. I’m tired.

 Yesterday, was the first day that the Galveston beaches were open during the day. Here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle. 

Yesterday evening was the first weekend in Texas that restaurants, movie theaters, and retail were open at 25%. Sooooo, what that meant is that Galveston was open for business. I watched the cams around town, it was like Spring Break.

The Covid tsunami is coming. I don’t see too many ways around it…we, as a nation, need to adapt. We can do it and improve what we have. There’s just too many people that don’t want to change is the problem I see….there may not be a choice soon.

People are adults, they have choices and this is what they want. I think it's quarantine fatigue. Bob and I are going to do what we think is best for us. If folks want to party or eat out or go shopping, that's up to them. There's enough info out there now that everyone should be informed.🤷‍️ Who knows, it might be Bob and I that are the ones that are wrong. Time will tell.

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