The Long Game of Living with Covid-19, Part II Stress

Living in the age of Covid, everything takes a bit longer and our routines are clumsy. Covid is the ultimate disruptor in people’s lives. Our routines have changed and our habits have changed.  This is stressful for people. 

We are so dependent on others at this time.  We depend on others to social distance and wear a mask. We depend on others to follow guidelines and use common sense.  A lot of people are being forced to choose between their health and their livelihood. I’m seeing the political tribes move into separate camps but the reality is that most people are worried. This is stressful for people.

There’s several businesses are being told to open up but they don’t have the protective gear. It’s hard to find and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  This is stressful for people.

I’m learning to accept what I cannot change. Not everything is within my control but on the flip side, I’m also don’t need to take responsibility for the entire world either.  That’s where I’m leaving this topic, people are adults.  Hopefully, they make informed decisions.  It’s still stressful for those making the decision and those depend on others to make the correct decision.

This is my my take on things...have a great day!!!!