Pandemic Perspectives with Silver Linings and Lifestyle Changes

I’ve read several blogs about using this time to take a pause and I agree with that. There are a lot of things that I miss too, like yesterday having tacos and margaritas at our favorite local restaurant.  It’s some of the simple things that I miss like having my haircut….but on the flip side, I’m growing it out so I can have it cut in a different style.  I miss going to the coffee shop to chit-chat…but on the flipside, I don’t need the calories from the fufu drinks.  I miss doing a drive by to the beach…but on the flipside, I get up early to go and watch the sunrise.  If I do have to run out during the day, I will drive by the ocean and open the windows...the flip side is that I'm saving on gas. 

I’m slowly seeing my priorities shift and focus on things that are important to me.  

I’m learning to work with online learning more and I love it. I did some before Covid but it was hard for me.  Then I started taking a lot of classes online and then something clicked.  Maybe it was my new desk layout, maybe I just needed more experience. It was a learning curve. Who know, it’s great now.

There’s a lot of people that I miss but there’s even more that I don’t.  I’ve been parring down and culling people since I retired. I’m happier for it too. Many have the best intentions but are toxic (to me) in their own ways. I’m closely guarding my quiet time away from people.  Sound anti-social, maybe but I think I’m just peopled out.

In some ways, Covid-19 is much like 9/11 in that it made changes. Yes, they were two very different happenings but they made change. I think that there will be more emphasis on seniors aging in place or sharing homes. Maybe more regulations placed on businesses and services to accommodate more seniors. It can also flip too.

In my opinion, a lot of what is happening with Covid is showing the holes within our system and society. It wasn’t like we lived in a perfect situation but as long as nothing else happened, we were status quo for the masses but was it really. The American Dream hasn’t been there for a lot of people.  Maybe we can change so that it does.

A lot of what’s happening today is perspective.  This morning I talking to Prince Eddie Asshat this morning. I was telling him all about why he couldn’t play with Princess Daisy Mae Itchalot and all the problems of getting kitty medication because of Covid. Did he understand what I was talking about, no. He’s just glad I was talking to him and not putting him in a wrestling hold to give him his medication.

Comfort and Harmony....