Pandemic America 2020, it's the waiting period for Texas.

A lot of the re-opening successes or failures will depend on the people themselves, how the businesses adapt, the amount of testing available, and contact tracing.   There’s enough Covid info that people can make their own decisions.  Texas has done a partial re-open and will open most businesses including movies theaters, malls, and restaurants on May 1st, today.  There are even business calling today “Freedom Friday.” 

Currently, most aren’t wearing masks now. Some are social distancing but most aren’t.  Our numbers are going up but the locals here are bored so the evening parties have started. People are adults and they can make the choice. There’s a lot of quarantine fatigue.  It’s a trial period for Texas. If the infection numbers skyrocket, the Governor could impose restrictions. If the local numbers skyrocket, the tourists numbers could go down. Hopefully it will balance out and everyone gets what they want.

Me, well...I'm still staying away from people as much as possible. I do take off with the hubby for walks a couple times a week, early in the morning before he has to go to work.  It's wonderful that he works from home and has for years.  I prefer being behind the lens instead of joining the people party for a while. The silver lining for me that I'll focus more on my photography. It's been on my bucket list but I haven't spent the time learning like I've wanted to. 

The above is from this morning's walk. Normally this area is hopping on a Friday morning with fishermen, tourists, and boaters. This is part of Pandemic America 2020, it's the waiting period.

Stay safe and have a great weekend...