Today...Progess on the new kitten...


Princess Daisy Mae Limpsalot got to run free in my office.  Prince Eddie Asshat wasn’t sure what to do. I locked all three of us in my office for an hour or so.  It was amusing because every time that Daisy Mae tried to walk under Eddie, he climbed high and stared at her for a while.  Queen Mouse Bellyfeathers slept on while the kids played.  She’s a senior now and doesn’t cotton to the younglings.

 Here's Eddie staring at Daisy Mae from his perch on tope of my desk.

All in all, Daisy Mae is walking better. Eddie isn't hissing or growling but he does make these weird 'Eddie' noises.  Daisy Mae ran off with his favorite toy and poof, he was pouting.  He'll get over it. 

Hopefully I can get some better photos of them. For some reason, she's always in spots that are shadowed or don't pop up her coloring. 

Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign.  Was it unexpected, yes.  It’s just another reason why we need more than two parties.  I’ll let that go for today.