The Long Game of Living with Covid-19 and Keeping My Sanity, Part I: Getting Back to Nature

 Today, I kinda had it. I read the news, looked at a bit of Facebook, and couldn’t stomach Twitter.

I posted this on Facebook:  I’m declaring the rest of my day a non-stress day. No news, no social media, no cleaning. I’m going to Narnia.

It was just another day of the same ol', same ol'...more information about Covid-19, the liberty protesters, and people being unhappy with trump. Who's not happy with trump?  This entire pandemic is a cluster with some part of the nation that could easily turn into a disaster.

I’ve been reading all sorts of blog and news articles on how to stay busy while staying at home. Quarantine Life has been a major topic lately. Well, it’s not working for me because I already have enough things to do.  My issue is that I’m used to being out in nature during nine months out of the year.  That’s why people move to the Gulf Coast.

Since I live in a tourist spot, which does have it’s pros & cons in the best of circumstances, I have to deal with a lot of asshats that think they are the total focus of the universe.  They don’t social distance and in my experience, they aren’t willing to adapt to our current circumstances. That’s why our beaches are closed.  The thing is that most of my local area parks are outdoor spaces geared for kids or fishermen…or they are the beach.  Or maybe I haven’t found them yet.

Bob and I do go to a water spot, which I’ve mentioned before, twice during the weekdays. On the weekend, it’s currently closed. If it does open during the weekend, it will be overpopulated. 

Monday, April 20, all state parks will reopen. However, visitors to parks will be required to wear a mask or face cover and social distance from others. Groups larger than five people will not be admitted to the parks. Many are requiring to reserve day passes, which can be done online or contacting the call center before you come to the park.  So, we have to plan ahead and I can do that. 

How to make life more livable for the near future is the big question. What I’ve come up with is to finish up my back patio. The gentleman that presser washes the house will be here tomorrow. I call to ask him to add the back patio.  I’ll pull off the furniture off and reorganize it.  I do need to get some plants put in new pots. That will lighten the mood out here and provide a need escape from the house.

I’ve been trying to keep the trips outside the house to a minimum.  It’s only been two trips to water watch and walk, right before sunrise.  I’m going to add one more during the week and take an online photography class.   

Other than those, I’m just gonna have to deal with it. 

Stay safe...and don't go stir crazy.