Texas City Dike

Another pandemic weekend…but we are luckier than most. During the week we can get out to the Texas City Dike.  It’s a man-made levee that project almost five miles into the middle of the mouth of Gulf.  It has a beach, it’s small and you share it with the fishermen.  A lot of people walk on it.

There’s a lot of folks that will windsurf out there or drive out to watch the water. Currently it’s only open during the week. The weekends are closed because too many people were not social distancing and were camping out.

To keep ‘Quarantine Life’ livable, we go out there twice a week.  Normally right before dawn when there’s very few people out to watch the shrimp boats.  

It’s very beautiful at the Dike but the photos that early in the morning are a bit lacking.  Hopefully next week, we will try going in the evening.

The photos are a bit dark and dreay...maybe it also reflects my mood lately.

Of course…here’s a photo of Prince Eddie Asshat.

Stay safe!!!