Prepare...I'm tired....and Hurricane Season is Next

Day whatever of Pandemic 2020. That’s how I feel about this. For my hubby and I, February 26th I remember an article that made the hair on the back of my neck raise. I went in and chatted with Bob in his office. The conversation ended with “do what you think is best.”  So I did, lightly.  It was a gut feeling with not a whole lot of information.

So that day, I went though all the hurricane supplies.  Plus the paper products we keep in the garage.  How we try to keep the hurricane supplies is that we start using the supplies starting late October.   Hurricane season starts June 1st and runs until November 30th but we start watching the weather daily starting in late August.  We don’t normally start buying for our hurricane kit until late April or early May.

The bottomline was were out of everything, except for paper products and hand soap.  The reason why we had so much of those is because I thought I was ordering two of each several months ago.  What I got was two boxes of each. It worked out.

On February 27th I made an Amazon order and added a few things.  On February 28th, HEB, our grocery, was having a spring cleaning supplies sale so added things.  That was a larger order because I didn’t have much in the way of cleaning supplies. We had, keyword ‘had,’ a cleaning  service that came in twice a week.  So I didn’t have much.

So now we just add a few things from the grocery and we are doing fine.  Next up, hurricane prepping.  I have to admit, I’m tired. All this getting ready for disasters is hard work. Cleaning every piece of anything that comes in the house, takes longer.  My hands look like raw meat and I'm worn out.  I'm thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if my allergies weren't kicking right now on top of everything else. 

I’m grateful that I’m healthy, that I have a roof over my head, and food for my belly.   I think what I need is a day off and that’s coming soon.  

Stay safe!!!!