Life during and after COVID-19

This morning, over morning coffee, I read two very interesting articles. One about how COVID-19 could be at the beach and drinking water.  The other was "When, and How, Does the Coronavirus Pandemic End?" 

Staying home and washing your hands are a given, wearing masks when going out will lessen the transmission.  These are the new normal.  The same with reading the obits in the paper. Today there was two full pages of paid obits in tiny type in the New York Times, many mentioned COVID-19. 

There will come a time that this pandemic will be under control but people are creatures of habit. Some businesses will not survive because of the lack of revenue and adaption.  This will also have a lasting effect on education, healthcare, and places we gather at.  Home gym equipment over going to the gym could be a trend.  I can see changes to how we work. For example, my hubby works remote for a company in Tampa and we live in the Galveston Bay area.  All the employees are currently working from home now.  Questions have come up, is signing a lease for a huge office space worth it?

I’m loving ordering online and I will continue to do so long after this is over.  I’m finding that life is too short and busy not to take advantage of this service.  There are down sides but retailers are going to have to adapt with either unique, handmade, or convenience items. It’s a time thing and I’m tired of fighting with traffic in my local area.  The next several years, there’s road construction planned from Galveston to Houston.

I missed going out to restaurants but I’m slowing getting over that.  After not eating out for over a month, I feel much better.  The food at home is getting boring so I’m also eating less and eating food that is better for me.  I do miss tacos and I can guarantee you, I’ll be like a dog breaking leash for freedom…directly to the first Taco Truck.

All in all, it’s my opinion that life will never go back to what was 2019 normal.  Instead of asking for proof of age, it might be asking for proof of immunity.

What I miss:
Going to the coffee shop.
Going to the Farmers Market, in person.
Riding my bike on the beach.
Sitting out at the park to sketch.
Running out for something and not feeling twitchy.
Not seeing bluebonnet season. 
Summer, this one is an understatement.

I do not miss:

Movie theaters, I prefer Netflix at home.
Sports on TV.
False hope, I need facts.

I’m tired of:
Washing down my groceries.
Disinfecting the door knobs and my electronics.

I hear Daisy Mae's squeaks...she's hungry. Stay safe!!!!