Advice from a Rock

This week, we got out twice to walk and to water watch…

We normally arrive a bit before sunrise.  Early enough to spend some time and then Bob can be back to the house to start work in time. 

I’ve seen some smaller rock stacks from time to time but this one was larger.  It also caught my eye.  There’s a lot of issues with them as well, some folks are calling them unnecessary markers of humanity or graffiti. Or even pointless reminders of the human ego. Stacking also has a causal effect on the natural environment. 

Ok, I get it…but a lot depends on where the rocks are stacked. I’d say that this is one of the few places that it won’t hurt anything. Rocks are dumped here on a routine basis to slowly extend the shoreline. It’s a man made dike that main function is to slow down a hurricane’s surge. It’s not a wild place.

I was walking on the beach, thinking about the pandemic and what changes it’s brought to my recent lifestyle. This stack didn’t remind me of balance or mindfulness. It reminded me of rock advice about what is happening real time with the pandemic. 

Stay grounded.
Keep still.
Live in the moment.
Let the storm pass.
Listen to the tide.
Tell your story.

Here's a few more photos from my walks....

Stay safe and tell your story...