Sir Willie Bitesalot RIP

This is the last photo I took of Sir Willie Bitesalot. 
Not the best by a long shot but fits him.

He was my shadow and mostly stayed within eyeshot to me.  If I was working on the computer, he was working on the computer. He slept at night so that he could see me. 

During all this with the pandemic, we normally pick up our Farmers Market order curbside.  We came come to find Sir Willie Bitesalot had died while we were gone.  

He was fine before we left, running around and playing.  Being Willie, doing what Wille does.

We hurried up and checked on Mouse (our senior cat) and Prince Eddie Asshat.  There were sleeping, woke them up and check them out. They were fine and have been for the past six hours.

He wasn’t even a year old yet. We were going to celebrate his birthday on April 1st. I don’t know what happened.  That’s the hard part and I wasn’t with him when he died.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason. Willie was sleep on my chair in the bedroom.  He made his ‘Willie’ noise went back to sleep.  That’s how I will remember him.

What a shitty day...

04/19/2020 I still miss Willie...