Social distancing, spring fever, and the news…to the beach

Yesterday's news gave me an all time high of dozens WTF moments and my eyeballs are still tired with all the exercise.  I limited my news intake today…packed it in and went to the beach. I didn’t care if it was it if mostly cloudy, windy, and only 70 degrees.

The beach??? you say.  Yep because it’s easy to say away from people if you want to.  It’s outside and I’m way more than 6 feet away from people.  Social distancing is voluntarily currently and hopefully this will slow COVID-19 down so that our healthcare system doesn’t flatline. 

Some countries have not given people a choice.  Lucky for one of my neighbors that is having a party of all parties this evening.  Everyone has a choice right now, mine is to stay away from crowds and stay home as much as possible.  

“Some generations were drafted for war, your generation is being asked to stay home. Easy sacrifice.“

Stay chill...enjoy your time...take care of yourself.