Social Distancing

It’s been a while.  I’ve been kinda busy with spring stuff, political stuff, and goofing off stuff.  I was a Warren supporter, still am, and that took some time.  After Super Tuesday, that pretty much stopped.  It was a disappointment and I’ll finish up with that. 

The last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been preparing for COVID-19, as many people are doing.  My hubby, Bob, works from home and I’m retired so it’s easier for us to social distance than many people.  We are treating this like everyone has the cooties. Only going out when we have to. 

There were things that needed to get done before we closed ourselves off.  Yes, we put off a lot of these thinking that we had time before hurricane season to get them done.  We ran out of time so it was making sure the pantry was stocked and making a list.  Then it was looking at our cleaning and household supplies. It doesn’t take long before we could be out of kitty litter and food for the herd. The list goes on.

To make a long story short, I procrastinated and this took forever to get done. My plan was to get low on everything then clean and reorganize. Well, that's what I told myself. Then surprise, we now have a pandemic.

I wouldn't want this little guy to go hungry.  Prince Eddie Asshat would not be a happy camper. 

It’s time consuming and I’m grateful that I had the time plus resources to make it happen. This is going to be hard on a lot of people because of businesses closing and kids home from school. 

Stay safe and healthy...