Difficult Times & Silver Linings…and Stay the Fuck Home!!!

Prince Eddie Asshat’s advice to humans...I think my cat is picking up bad habits from me. 

In the last 48hrs:

Watched people be cruel to each other on social media.
Watched people be clueless on social media.
Watched people be angry and feeling helpless on social media.
Found Sir Willie Bitesalot dead. He was not even a year old with no health problems.
Listen to my other cat, Prince Eddie Asshat, call for Willie all night.
Watched Eddie sleep by the litter box, waiting for Willie.
Watch the people in my neighborhood bunch up like cattle in line for a Kona Ice truck.
Listened to my neighbors, two doors down have a small party.
Plus all the family issues with elderly parents that are 1100 miles away.

The silver lining is my veterinarian. Dr. Prida has her office mostly in lockdown because of the pandemic. She met me at the door and picked up Willie’s body from my car.  Gave me her opinion of what happened and told me she’s find me a cat playmate for Eddie.  She handed me the meds for my other cat and sent me on my way.  Telling me we’d settle up later.  

Willie and Eddie, a couple days after we picked Willie up from Dr. Prida's office. Willie is the little guy. The silver lining is this is a good memory of Willie. 

The silver lining regarding social media is that I've received countless condolences and people reaching because of the death of Willie.  It has touched me. 

The silver lining on social media is that I’ve pulled away from it for a while.  Willie dying shocked me. Life is very sweet and short, enjoy it while it lasts.  Willie wasn’t a cat that was wanted by anyone, I took him. I loved him and he was the heart of the house.  My life is better for loving Willie.

The silver lining during this pandemic/stay the fuck home is Skillshare. I’ve gotten away from watercolor and moved more towards digital on my iPad. More on that later…I’m off to figure out how to use gouache, that I’ve had for years but never got around to working with.