Difficult Times & Silver Linings II

During the COVID-19/stay the fuck home, we’ve spent a lot of time home. Last week, we made a trip for grocery pickup and drove by the ocean.  At that time, I stuck my head out the window like a dog during a care ride and sniffed.  On Sunday, Galveston Island closed the beaches.

Silver lining is I’ve started the spring cleaning our patio.  I've also got several painting projects too, so that will keep me busy outside. 

I still miss Sir Willie Bitesalot. That is going take a while, because a little piece of me died when he did. This morning, Eddie work me up, waiting to play. He also misses him.

Silver lining was yesterday, after I thought about what my vet said. She told me that some cats are so full of life that their time comes much sooner than others.  Wille was full of life.  A nonmedical reason that helped. It was the right thing to say at the right time. 

Silver lining is that the above photo was sent by a friend that she had on her phone.  I had forgotten about that one.  He did look sweet when he was asleep.

Silver lining is that Eddie is rarely calling for Willie now. He no longer waits at the litterbox for Willie either.

The isolation is beginning to get to me. The Galveston Bay area has two and half seasons.  Yuck and hotter than hot fried hell…then there spring.  The latter is now and I wait all year for these handful or less weeks.  

Silver lining is that there's always next year.  That's the best I can do today. 

Stay safe!!!