Sunshine and Green

Yesterday was beautiful so we had to took off for a short bike ride at Carbide Park.  As I was riding around the park, I was thinking how glad I am that we moved to the Gulf coast.  It was sunny, 68 degrees with blue sky and green.  Sure, there are a few naked trees but there’s still flowers and palm trees!!  I never get tired of looking at them. 

Carbide Park also has the Galveston County Master Gardeners’Discovery Garden. It’s lovely but was closed today.  They are only opened on Thursday mornings. I’ll have to make a point to drop in and bring my camera.

I am partial to summer but it’s the sunshine and green. I get so tired of grey skies and snow. It’s so stark and depressing.  Yesterday, here it was like a late spring day.  Back up in Danville, Indiana it was a high of 45 degrees. Ouch...

I know that everyone doesn’t want to live on the Texas coast or any place on the Gulf.  Many people love snow or want the four seasons.  If one is lucky enough to find and move to your sweet spot, it’s wonderful.  I found mine.

I'm looking out the window, no ducks and lone chicken today, and it's sunny again.  We are taking off to the beach this afternoon.